Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to play Touch Prodigy on Mac

Load Unity3D for Mac then Install.
Open game in Safari (Chrome does not work for my Macbook OS X 10.7.5)
Let the plugin run when the pop up asks.

Take 1 hour to figure out a name for your character.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015



Can't guarantee items to be available for a long period of time because it depends on my supplier whether they have anymore or not. New products will be added throughout the year. Also, prices reflected include supplier discounts so that's the perks! So don't hesitate before they're all gone! No regrets!

Tips: Not sure about size? Contact through site for guidance.

Please check About & Return Policy for details.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Size doesn't mean everything"

I've ordered many clothes online (especially from Ebay) but what's risky about buying online is if the size fits you or not. 

Today, I received my package from Hollister and I was pretty surprised (I rarely shop at these kind of stores). I did do a lot of research online (I tried as there weren't many helpful advices I could find on the internet) and I have never bought jeans from Hollister before. I have cotton long sleeves that I physically bought from the store but I didn't need to try them on because just by looking at the shirts, they were pretty big so I bought xs. However, the button down shirt I bought online was an xxs and they fit snuggly. If you have a flat chest then it's perfect otherwise it wouldn't fit well. The boyfriend jean I bought online was a size 5R and they were really really big on the waist for me but really slim below the knee length (ankle is quite tight which is odd). What's weird was that people were saying that Hollister clothes tend to be smaller than other brands such as American Eagle but I think Hollister and American Eagle are the same. 

My sizing mark down:
H&M jeans/pants - size 26/27, 2/4 (jeggings), 6 
DollsKill pants - size 26, 3
GAP jeans - size 25r
American Eagle Jeans - 5
Others - 3, SP, Asian M

Sizes vary depending on the store and also the materials used. I didn't go too much into my top sizes but usually they are all x-small or small but for Hollister it's xxs - xs (this is actually my first ever xxs I have ever owned haha). 

Overall, if you're wondering what size jeans would fit you in Hollister, go to a AE stores and try out their jeans because they are actually quite the same. H&M jeans are by far the smallest and tightest fitting ever (perfect for skinnies and short people). Hollister's customer service and service is a bit iffy compared to other companies (or maybe it was just my first time luck to get a bad representative). The representative I was talking to was difficult to hear (accent and murmurs/fading into the background) that I had to ask her to repeat herself at times (she actually yelled into my ear, which was unprofessional. Seriously did not see that one coming because usually people would just raise their voice up a notch or speak clearly). Other than that, Hollister quality and the variety of jean styles is excellent. When I shop for jeans, I will shop at Hollister because their 60-70% off sales are really good. 

Items that I bought and received (the shipping is quite fast from U.S. to CAN).

P.S. The colours and design of the clothes in person are slightly different than the photos (you don't always get what you see). 

P.P.S Thank goodness for belts and butts LOL

Saturday, 16 August 2014

What I have learned from experience as a consumer

• Always almost immediately use all of your credit note or gift voucher (because when stores closes down it will be a problem)

• Dont spend too much in a small family owned shop (because their return/exchange policy is a bit iffy)

• Think before you spend (do you really need it?)

• Things will eventually go on sale/clearance so it's worth the wait

• If it's one of a kind then go for it if it pleases you

• Don't spend too much on a brand (because seeing the logos on clothes is just plain ugly and unclassy for me)

• But spend your money's worth on good shoes (you can get good shoes on sale too for instance how I am lucky enough to own a nice boot for $8!)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tip of the night

wide bristle combs are your best friends.
they will not rip your hair.
it's heavenly.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hair Products on Dyed/Bleached Hair Reviews + How I Treat My Hair

Current hair: medium/light blonde, thin, lightweight

ION Color Brilliance Powder Bleach Lightener with Pure White Clairol Developing Creme (20v)
  • Powder ($29), Dev. Creme ($9)
  • very conditioning, doesnt damage hair, lightens
  • development reacts fast so you have to apply quickly (best to wrap hair in a cap because heat helps with development)
  • dark roots lifted to a very light orange
Tip: 20v is healthier for your hair and takes time to process (approx. 5hrs.) but to lift your hair faster go for 30v.

Fanci-Full 49 Ultra White Minx Temporary Hair color Rinse 450ml:
  • $9 for 2 (Got the "buy one get one free" steal!)
  • Very messy because it's watery and smells bad
  • Tones brassiness/yellows/oranges, brightens hair and adds shine, whitens platinum hair
  • Very conditioning on hair and during hair wash
  • Light purple solution
  • Only use when you go out because since it's in liquid form, you will use a lot of the product - i've read some reviews from others and people tend to use up all of it in 2 weeks but so far my bottle is on month 2!

Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque 16oz:
  • $9 (on sale)
  • Smell isnt too strong (but actually covers up the smell from Fanci-Full)
  • Very thick - just need to use like a bean size amount depending on your hair's length and mass
  • During rinse, product made hair feel very smooth, soft, detangled
  • Hair feels and looks healthier; soft and smooth

Tresemmé Nourishing Rituals Protein Renewal Crème 227g

  • Cheap ($2)
  • Smells nice
  • Helped treat damaged hair and control frizz
  • Smooth and conditioning

Hair Treatment Routine:
  1. Infusium 23 Color Protector Shampoo
  2. Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
  3. Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque/Tressemmé Protein Crème (Apply every 2 weeks)
  4. Fanci-Full 49 Ultra White Minx Temporary Haircolor Rinse (Use when going out)
  5. (Optional) Dove Nutritive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream (On dry hair ends)
Note: I do have the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Toning shampoo and conditioner (From Wal-Mart [it's cheaper there]) but I rarely use them just because the Fanci-Full Temporary Haircolor helps with toning. However, on special occasions I use these products to even out tones on my hair with Fanci-Full after. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Future Hair Update

Since I like trying out new products on my hair, I'm going to go for white/silver hair because I'm just so tired of seeing so many yellow/brassy hair on young asians (including myself).
Time to visit Shopper's and Sally's.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Hair update

I was trying to tone out the orangeness bc I got bored so I took two clairol maxiblonde and lightened my hair evenly. Hair is lighter and is a nice golden blonde with platinum ends.
Toning I use John Freida blonde purple sampoo and conditioner.
Treatment I use argan oil products.

I'm actually surprised that after bleaching my hair 3 times, it's still healthy. Really, that Clairol and argan oil shit works.

Don't forget to trim ends every 3 weeks because it's healthy. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hair update

Current hair: Orange and platinum blonde ombre ends
After using L'Oreal Excellence Creme Light Golden Blonde: hair looked the same but was lightened up a bit with the 20V developer. Dark roots lifted too. However, my platinum blonde ends were darkened. After wash hair felt silky and conditioner helped treated dryness. I actually liked the before-colour serum that came with the package because it helped treated my dry ends and protected my hair during dying.
How I achieved my platinum blonde was using L'Oreal Feria Extra Platinum Blonde. The dye after wash made my hair feel dry and the feria conditioner does not help.
How I achieved orange was just using Garnier Nutrisse bleaching creme on my dark brown hair. Conditioner did not help treat dryness as well.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Attack on titan harness straps

Got my package from Redstar Cosplay on Ebay 
Overall it looks nice but ill give it a 7/10
Size: Unisex small
Items: Straps with skirt
Price: US $59 = CAD $66*

Notes: it looks really nice when put together but when I actually wore it to the convention, it was kind of uncomfortable for me. Maybe I guess I'm not too much into wearing crazy costumes but anyways the straps were a major problem for me. The straps around your thighs would fall down as you walk around a lot and the quality of the straps aren't too great. When people say that they will snap off, they WILL snap off. When they get caught on anything or are pulled at the straps will snap from the stitches. The material of the straps are sturdy but they are quite soft seeing that they can be snapped off easily. The skirt is fine because it's just synthetic leather but as a small it's quite big and stiff - fabric skirt would work best (cheaper too).
I would recommend probably making the straps out of belts (at least the quality would be better and you save some bucks) but if you aren't crafty then I wish you luck in finding quality straps online (do some research too). 

As of now, I don't really wear my Attack on Titan costume anymore so they just sit there... I'm not sure if spending that much for my straps and skirt was actually worth it...   

Full costume. Straps and skirt.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Geo contacts review

Geo Twins series yh302 aqua
I went to Pacific Mall (aka pmall) to look for some blue contacts for my cosplay. I was looking for a nice bright and noticable icy-crystal blue like what rudegirrl wears and I was recommended Geo Twin Series. I was pretty skeptical about them because most Geo contacts arent that great for their "pop" with their colours but they can give you a doll eye look.
Comfort: extremely uncomfortable if your eyes are big. The pupil ring of the contacts is way too narrow for my eyes so it makes it difficult for me to see clearly. Also, my focus gets blurry at times and my eyes feel dry. It was also hard to put on because of the shape of the contacts; it was too curved that when I tried blinking to put it on it just fell out and also scratches my eyes. 
Colour: it's noticable in a way that makes your eyes look creepy. The blue tone on your iris isnt noticeably bright as they say but the yellowish ring around your pupil is. Blues turned out dark on my eyes.
Design: it's ugly. Like the ugliest pair I have ever bought and I regret it. It doesnt give you that doll eyed look, which i liked, but the colours did not "pop". Looked too natural.
I really dont like shopping at pmall because everything is just a ripoff compared to online. The people selling contacts at the stores didnt really helped me find a nice blue that would pop and they didnt really know much about how colours would turn out on your eyes. That's why you always do research first. Be careful with images online because they are all photoshopped to make the contacts pop. Youtube reviews are good. Overall, buying contacts there is cheap but it's the same at EyeCandys. I just had way too many things purchased online that I didnt want to buy anything more online.
I wasnt sure if I should buy the Princess Pinky Twilight Blue contacts online at PinkyParadise because it was just too expensive for just contacts but from the reviews they definitely are the kind of contacts I prefer.

Friday, 7 February 2014

My Experiences at the Salon: Dyeing hair

Nowadays, I don't really visit the salon because I do my own hair and there are reasons. For me, I usually just buy packaged hair dyes or sometimes i try new spray on colours. I know some, people would suggest to others to go to the salon and do their hair just so they won't mess up or damage their hair while in the process of dyeing. However, if you have the money and you're fine with others doing your hair then go for it but I agree with other people, with the same experiences that I had, that it is way better to do your hair yourself. Doing your hair yourself means that you save money and you will definitely be satisfied with your results.

Just to make this nice and easy to read I will summarize my thoughts:

At a high end salon that I went to they charged me over $120 just to bleach/lift and colour to a really light tone that totally did not even lift to a white lilac colour that I wanted. In fact, my hair just turned out like any other bleaching products out there can do; a golden blonde. Typical bleached hair colour that I could've done myself but I could've done it much better without the blotchiness (a no-no). Although the lady told me that she would have to lift my hair another time to get it lighter in which I understand as lifting takes many stages to get to a light tone but, that's just not it. You see, at this Japanese salon (I don't remember somewhere downtown), just perfect for asian hair, they actually are like hair gods/goddesses like literally their Japanese hair products are amazing. Anyways, the japanese stylists could dye my hair perfectly in one go but at this caucasian salon it was no match. Also, at this salon that I went to they actually didn't show/ tell you their prices until you get the bill so that's something to watch out for. 

Anyways, buying products yourself is much cheaper (like at Target or Walmart): $10 for purple colour spray, $10-15 for bleach x 2 to get a higher lift, and then treatment and purple shampoo + conditioner toner for a total of $20. This comes to a total of about $60. I saved $60. What. And I can continue using my treatment and toners for like a month. Perfect.  

At the salon (Modern Touch) the following charges applied:
Foils (Bleach/highlights) $75
Treatment & Toner $15
Wash & Style (Straight Iron) $25

Friday, 5 April 2013

hair update

currently my hair colour is purple with some blonde streaks. the first week that i did my hair, my hair colour was rich, dark, and purple. now after a month and several washes, my purple faded. it actually doesnt look that bad though as you may have thought but my hair looks wicked like im some kpop idol (LOL). it's light brown ash purple and it's been like that for a long time now, i guess my hair colour finally went permanent.

i dont really recommend this look for lets say individuals who are not so into having "white/gray" coloured hair. if you have some crazy fashion taste, then go for it ;) 
why would canada eliminate the penny...whyyyy
seriously, rounding up the total cost of your purchase is so confusing. i just bought a cup of hot chocolate with an apple strudle and my total was $1.56. i decided to pay by cash so i gave $1.60. i didnt get change back so i was like what...ok... i wasnt sure about this new rule of rounding so i checked online and i found out that if your total was $1.51 - $1.52 then you would have to pay just $1.50 but if your total was $1.53 - $1.54 then $1.55. sooo basically since my total was $1.56 it would have rounded to $1.55 and since i spent $1.60, shouldnt i get 5 cents back (5 cents is hella a lot yo with all that rounding)? dude this is so messed seriously, with all that rounding you're mostly going to be spending extra. 
i shouldve invested in these pennies before they went bye bye. 

Monday, 18 March 2013


i've been really busy lately because of uni as my semester is almost coming to an end in which everything is being crammed up. not to mention finals as well. i have so many things planned for the summer but i know i'll be busy with work and portfolios most of the time. i'm too tired to type anymore...

just 3 outfits that i put together all from h&m spring collection. i was just online shopping and then i ended up playing dress up.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Morning trash...

so this morning i decided to empty my trash from my macbook pro os x 10.7 and i had like about 200 items. while, the status bar was deleting, it got stuck on 21 items left to delete. i didnt know what was wrong and i guess it wasnt responding so i force quit my finder. then i relanched my finder and tried emptying again and the same thing happens. after many attempts of force quitting, my desktop later decided to freeze and my finder wasnt responding so then i had to restart my laptop. after so many attempts and researching online for some help, i finally found a way to remove the items. i first moved the items in a separate folder on my desktop and began deleting few items at a time and then emptying the trash. then i repeat over the same procedure until everything was deleted. however, there was this one app that wasnt deleted and that it kept messing up my desktop, which was this spotify app. i tried to delete the file but my trash status just kept freezing and so i had to force quit, which then messed up my desktop because the finder was not responding so then i had to restart my laptop yet again. the app had a ghostbuster sign like that circle and a angular line across and the icon underneath the sign was the mac papers and pens. i guess it was a corrupted file but usually uninstalling programs is easy because i just drag the program into the trash and that's it. i did some more research about this spotify problem for mac users and people were also having the same problem. for the whole day, i was trying to find a safe way to delete the app without messing up my mac and then i found a way, which at first i was hesitant because it was some techy way. what i had to do to remove this app was to go to terminal and then type in the sudo code that would make my mac empty my trash no matter what and it actually worked. when it asked for my password, i couldnt type it in, which was odd, but i just hit enter and then type in the code again. it worked! so happy that stupid app is gone.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Art schools...

I don't understand why our own artworks are graded by one professor/artist/designer/teacher. You can't really grade art so those marking your works are just bullshit. Just because it's ugly or plain and simple doesn't mean that it doesn't qualify as a legit work. We don't see people grading a fucking piece that has no particular meaning intended or a plain canvas. Art critters are full of bullshit. Just love it or hate it.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

artists: digital arts

Whoever made this must have spent like hours. I want to make paintings like this with Photoshop but right now I don't feel like drawing or painting because of school. However, pro artists who can make these cool art are so talented. I want that digital painting talent that they have.  

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Stupid fucking bugs. Get away from me and just die. Like fuck.

Bugs that cause your body to go crazy with histamine are annoying. My skin looks so fucked like it went through some shit.